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About Us

The website is meant to provide clinical information for people requiring or considering a variety of orthopaedic treatments or who have experienced musculoskeletal injuries. Through a series of short, topic specific videos, viewers can quickly learn about things such as how to prepare for joint replacement surgery, what to expect before and after surgery, risks associated with surgery, criteria for having surgery and much more.

The hosts of the videos are orthopaedic surgeons. Both are members of the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada and have busy clinical practices. In addition, they are actively involved in research and education.

The information provided in these videos is by no means meant to replace a consultation with an orthoapedic surgeon. The development of this website was inspired by clinical studies which have shown that a large portion of clinical information is forgotten by patients shortly after they leave their doctor’s office. In addition, there is often considerable anxiety associated with any injury or surgical treatment. Being fully informed about your condition and treatment options can reduce the associated stress.

The mission of TalkingwithDocsTM is to:

  • Educate patients and families on all aspects of their journey from clinical diagnosis to surgery to post operative recovery

  • Augment the information patients receive while consulting with their orthopaedic surgeon

  • Support patients and families by providing clinical information they can understand and refer back to as often as necessary

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